Solar Training Testimonials

Solar Class Testimonial: Dr. Barry Butler

“I have participated in the solar hot water educational seminar put on by Silicon Solar, taught by Todd Paternoster. Todd did an excellent job at covering the types of collectors, heat exchangers and systems that are currently marketed. This was a very even handed educational seminar for the installers/dealers who are interested in becoming part of the growing solar hot water business. It was not a high pressure marketing seminar pushing their products. I would recommend this seminar for those who want to become solar installers or dealers. It does not cover all you need, but is a very good start.”

Dr. Butler has provided solar hot water seminars for the San Diego Regional Energy office called solar 101, which is available on their web site. He has also published a subset of solar 101 in solar today magazine NOV/ DEC 2008, Page 42. He has been involved on solar thermal systems since 1972. Is a past chairman of the Solar Energy Industries Association and is currently chair of the ASES Solar Thermal Division. He owns a solar hot water system manufacturing company and installation company. He has personally installed over 20 systems over the last 20 years. He has a PhD in materials science and corrosion engineering and has over 30 years of investigating the causes of failure in solar hot water systems.

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