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Texas is one of the United States’ fastest, and largest, growing solar energy markets. Thousands of customers in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and tons of other locations, have helped bring Texas to the forefront of the US Solar Energy Market.

This makes Solar Training Texas Workshops one of the fastest growing, and most important continuing and adult education programs in Texas. Silicon Solar’s Solar Training Texas Workshops are ideal for new, and experienced solar thermal and solar photovoltaic installers who are looking to capitalize on the exploding green movement and Texas Solar Energy Market.

Silicon Solar holds a series of Solar Training Texas Workshops a couple of times throughout the year…typcially, in the state’s largest solar energy market – the Dallas Texas Solar Energy Market.

Here are the remaining 2009 Solar Training Texas Workshops that have been scheduled:

October 2009 Solar Training Texas Workshops:

  • October 16 – Dallas, TX – Solar Photovoltaic Training Level 1
  • October 17 – Dallas, TX – Solar Thermal Training Level 1

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