Solar Thermal Sizing Software Training

Every solar installer, whether they install solar thermal systems, Solar PV systems, or both, must learn how to use solar sizing and design software as part of their solar training.

There are number of solar sizing and design programs that you can use. We recommend Polysun 4 solar sizing software because of its short learning curve, ease of use and its widespread availability.

Polysun 4 is one of the industry’s leading software programs for solar thermal installers, and it is highly recommended that all installers (professional or diy) spend a portion of their solar training on learning how to properly use Polysun 4 software.


  • Total flexibility in the design of solar thermal systems
  • Component catalogues with practical parameters
  • Simple analysis and evaluation through graphics and reports
  • Dynamic building simulations that account for all factors
  • Company templates: detailed systems to producer’s specs
  • Worldwide meteorological data for 6300 locations
  • Ability to add/define your own locations and weather data


Take a look what the all-new Polysun looks like inside:

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