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There’s no better way to launch your solar business or kick-start its growth than investing in the inside knowledge and skills you’ll need to make it successful. Comparable courses often cost $1000 or more for levels 1-3 and $2500 or more for levels 1-5. But as a manufacturer we’re looking to make money with you, not from you. Unlike exclusive solar training centers, our profit comes from your continued success, not your tuition and we designed these courses with just that partnership in mind.

We offer our training modules on a day-by-day basis or as package deals for your convenience. Our unique workshop format provides training in many key areas, all geared to assist experienced and new Solar Hot Water Installers alike in getting the most out of their new business venture. As a workshop attendee, you will:

  • Become eligible for the SunMaxx solar hot water dealer program.
  • Become eligible for most state solar rebate programs.
  • Learn about SunMaxx solar collectors, components and systems.
  • Learn the proper methods for designing, sizing and installation.
  • Become familiar with solar sales and marketing techniques.
  • Become familiar with financing options and solar incentives.
  • Become familiar with SRCC ratings and certification.
  • Become familiar with the SunMaxx dealer/installer program.
  • Leave with SunMaxx product brochures, install guides/manuals.


The level 1 solar thermal training course is our basics workshop, and is designed for anyone who is completely new to solar thermal systems and solar thermal installation, as well as experienced solar thermal installers who are looking to make the switch and start installing SunMaxx Solar’s hot water systems. Level 1 is also great for home and business owners who are interested in doing a DIY solar thermal installation at their home or office. The workshop will give you a solid background in understanding the physical and earth science behind solar thermal systems, the components and function of solar thermal systems, and critical considerations in solar thermal.

  • Introduction to SunMaxx
  • The Science Behind Solar Thermal
  • Solar Thermal Components
  • Solar Thermal Systems
  • Solar Thermal Installations
  • Home Integration
  • Critical Considerations

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The solar loop from start to finish: site survey knowledge and techniques, introduction to using software as a sizing tool, hands-on system installation including collector mounting, pump station setup, piping, and wiring.
Levels 2 and 3 are more hands-on than Level 1. This is the solar thermal loop from start to finish and the perfect follow-up for SunMaxx dealers, installers and DIY-ers who have attended the Level 1 solar thermal training course. It begins with background knowledge required to conduct a site survey, and follows with site survey techniques. T*SOL software is introduced as a sizing tool. Participants will get hands-on experience in installing both our flat plate and evacuated tube collectors in various configurations, pump station and piping installation, setting up a controller, and testing and charging a solar thermal system.

  • Site Survey Background Knowledge & Techniques
  • Demonstration of T*SOL Software as a Sizing Tool
  • Collector Installation
  • Pump Station Installation
  • Line Set Installation
  • Introduction To The Controller
  • Testing and Charging a System

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The Level 4 Solar Thermal Training Course is a course focused on the sales and marketing secrets of how you can keep your installation pipeline full all year. This course is an investment in your business you won’t regret! Drawing from inside knowledge of the Solar Thermal Industry, experience closing thousands of systems, and the best practices from our most successful dealers, we can tell you from experience: the methods covered in this course will launch your dealership and bring your business into full swing – not in two years, but in two months.

  • The successful solar business model
  • How to approach your local market
  • Web marketing tactics: Get your business on the internet
  • The power of the home show and how to execute it
  • Web marketing tactics: Get your business on the internet
  • Incentives, financing options, service plans, and insurance
  • Case Studies in Solar Success
  • & Much More

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The Level 5 Solar Thermal Training Course is possibly the most valuable course you can take to grow your solar business. It draws from the best practices we’ve learned by helping our dealers land huge projects like the Aspen St. Regis Hotel, the Binghamton YMCA and the Wallkill Prison in Upstate NY. It will give you insider knowledge on commercial bidding and construction process, how to become the solar thermal contractor of choice in your area – letting you sell and close big projects, and how we can help.

  • Introduction To Commercial Solar Thermal Systems & Installations
  • The commercial solar thermal sales and bidding process.
  • Finding Projects: Federal Listings
  • Commercial Solar Thermal Sizing & Design
  • Winning Commercial Solar Thermal Bids
  • How SunMaxx can help
  • Case Studies in Solar Success
  • & Much More

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By taking Know Your Product you will become an expert in solar technology and installation. Not only will you have classroom knowledge of installation, the technology, and the industry, you’ll have the experience with our one-on-one learning style for levels 2 and 3. This will ensure you’ve covered all your bases for getting your solar installations started.

Levels 1-3 is recommended as a minimum for any contractor with an existing customer base looking to enter into the solar industry.


After taking levels 1-5 you will not only be an expert in Solar Products and Installations, but you’ll also be an expert in solar the inside solar sales, marketing, and bidding secrets to make your company successful. With the addition of our two Solar Success seminars, you will be sure to keep your installation pipeline full and launch a successful solar business in no time!

Levels 1-5 is recommended for anyone who is launching a new solar business and is serious about making it successful.

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