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Having your new solar system, whether it is a solar thermal system or a Solar PV system, professionally installed can be expensive. In fact, installation costs alone can account for 30%, or more, of the overall cost of a solar system for your home or office.

You can offset these added costs by learning how to install your solar system yourself. In fact, a good do-it-yourselfer can save hundreds, or thousands, of dollars by taking a solar training course and installing their system themselves.


There are a ton of great reasons to do your solar installation. Here are a few of the top reasons why so many home and business owners are choosing to do their own solar installations these days:

  • Save money (hundreds, or thousands, of dollars)
  • Sense of self-accomplishment
  • Learn as much about solar energy as possible
  • Develop the ability/knowledge to handle maintenance issues
  • Develop the skills to become a professional solar installer

There are a number of great reasons to install your own solar system, and if you have the desire and the skills to do it, solar training is a great way to ensure that your installation goes off without a hitch, and your solar system performs as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.


When deciding whether or not to perform a DIY solar installation, there are several important factors that you have to consider. Some of these important factors are:

  • Do you have the skills and tools to perform the installation?
  • Can you learn the skills you need quickly?
  • Do you have the time to perform the installation?
  • Do you have a plan of action for the design and installation?
  • Will your solar incentives apply if I do the installation myself?
  • Is there an experienced installer you can go to for advice?
  • Are you willing to ask for help if you actually need it?

You should go through and answer these questions. If you do not have the skills, the time, or the ability to learn the skills you need, you should probably consider having your system professionally installed.

Note: in many states, a Solar PV system must be installed by a certified professional in order to apply to solar tax incentives. In some areas, this applies to solar thermal systems as well. However, in many areas, there is no such requirement.

Solar Training: DIY Solar Projects

Do you want to learn more about installing your own Solar Hot Water or Solar PV system? Our solar training courses are a great resource. Additionally, our sister site, is a tremendous repository full of tons of information, advice and plans for DIY solar projects you can do at home all by yourself!

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